Kevin's Grind

Kevin’s Grind (Photo credit: weesmalldoll)

Snowpark is considered as one of the best in Southern Europe, a park that has been pushing the level of the setting and the riding for several years. We do have different levels of jumps, rails, boxes and features according to all rider preferences. Besides, you will find a halfpipe to learn and push your aerial skills over the coping. It’s been years now that Coliflor Freestyle has been shaping the snowpark, and we will give you all our experience and passion for your riding sessions. We give maximum importance to our work. Our main job is to shape the park and try to improve all elements every year. That’s why we really care about perfect landings, good kickers and transitions and rails that really work. We want you to stomp your tricks and go back home with a smile in your face. El Snowpark is designed and shaped to offer you a long line of features with different options of riding, from kickers and rails that are only available for pros, to small boxes and fun jumps to begin with your first tricks. But if you prefer to shred in natural terrain we also have the Furtive Area, a series of custom woodmade jumps in the forest, above the snowpark, that will make you feel the true passion of soul freestyle. After the session if you want to relax a bit you can also go to the chill out; a good place to sit and chat with your buddies enjoying some drinks.

BURTON ANON CAMP. The Burton Anon camp is the most progressive camp of the season. A week-snowboard camp only, the Burton Anon


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